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3x divorcee and comedian Mara Marek and fellow comedian Andrew Collin invite a divorcee or a guest who has been negatively affected by divorce to share their story and help them find laughter on the other side.
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Dec 27, 2016

Tim has lived a wild and crazy life.  His parents divorced young and he has been terrorizing himself and the world ever since.  He shared with us his wild ride and his unique perspective.  At a minimum we would say this was Incredibly entertaining.  Take a listen! 

Dec 25, 2016

Rachelle, friend of the show, joins Mara Marek and Andrew Collin to share her divorce success story.  She married young, dropped out of school for love, commuted between Miami and world famous Wildwood, NJ.  She needed a change so she strapped on her leather pants to get a new lease on life.  We talk divorcing, twice, raising kids as a single mom, and dating after 50.  She is a BADASS who went back to college, and is dating men who may or may not be homeless.  Have a listen. Rate. Review. and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Dec 20, 2016

Peter Shankman, New York Times Best Selling Author, Podcaster and organizer of some of the greatest Entrepreneurial minds surprisingly joins Mara and Andrew to discuss his own personal journey through divorce.  We talk being a single dad, the dating scene post divorce and following your dreams.  As always, rate, review, subscribe, tell your friends, unless you have no friends.  We will be your friends...

Dec 13, 2016

Langston Kerman from HBO's Insecure joins hosts Mara Marek and Andrew Collin as they talk about Langston's own experience with divorce.  When it comes to divorce, Langston has even seen more than Mara.  His parents have both been married 3 times.  He was nice enough to share their story and how he has learned from their successes and failures and applied it to his own relationships.  The most touching part of his story for us was when he told us his step father was Benny the Bull, the mascot for the Chicago Bulls!  Listen, rate, review and know we LOVE YOU!!!

Dec 6, 2016

Andrew is a child of divorce and now that he has aged, he's a big child of divorce.  He explains his roots and why now he is a sad tree that can't hold down a relationship.  Mara dives into Andrew's past and for the first time he doesn't act silly.  Who knows maybe there is a little Jewish boy with a lisp and weird thumbs might be helped hearing Andrew's story.  

Nov 28, 2016

This week we have the Renegade himself, Lorenzo "No Sleeves" Lamas.  5 kids, 6 marriages, a successful Hollywood career and a helicopter license.  From being the son of LA stars, to dealing with his own fame, Lorenzo has seen it all.  We were lucky enough to hear the romantic rollercoaster stories and more from Lorenzo himself.  

Nov 18, 2016

This episode introduces our hosts Mara Marek and Andrew Collin.  Mara, comedian and marriage expert by default, has been engaged 7 times, married 3 times and divorced 12.  We detail out these gem of suitors from the 50 year old finance manager addicted to MDMA to a 30 year old ripped triathlete who never read a book to a billionaire who well...had a lot of money.  Oh and Andrew Collin.  Fellow comedian and...he killed a cat.