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3x divorcee and comedian Mara Marek and fellow comedian Andrew Collin invite a divorcee or a guest who has been negatively affected by divorce to share their story and help them find laughter on the other side.
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Jan 31, 2017

DOUBLE WHAMMY!! NOT ONE BUT TWO GUESTS!! This very special episode features @eyrebud comedian and friend of the show, joins Mara Marek and Andrew Collin to chat about crazy jobs and find an old dude in the closet. Brendan will also be headlining Caroline's On Broadway Feb 7th wiht the hosts of the show also on the bill. Check out tickets through Carolines website, use promo code Brendan for a discount.

ALSO @staceyprussman joins the crew to talk about a broken engagement, and a broken marriage. She battled an eating disorder on top of battling a failed relationship.I'm sure most of us can relate....WHAT AN EPISODE #breakupssuck #divorce #divorced #divorceparty #download #subscribe #linkinbio

Jan 27, 2017

Andrew and Mara are back and talking love that is lost and living life like you didn't just get hit by a suburban.  They invite in a Jacob Sirof...Jacob is a comedian, and father currently crushing the LA Comedy scene and regular on Doug Loves Movies.  We dive into what it's like being a road comic and how women will want to sleep with you just because you tell jokes and look like a hotter and more alive Buddy Holly.  Jacob talks how divorce CAN be a positive and how to get along with your ex, rather living in constant controversy.  


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Jan 24, 2017

Anthony Devito is a Stand Up Comedian recently featured on NPR's This American Life.  Anthony joins Mara Marek and Andrew Collin to share his incredible divorce story.  We talk losing a parent at an early age.  Being raised by all women and living with a mysterious man on the living room couch.  His story proves its never too late to find love.  Also, don't you EVER touch his GI Joes.

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Jan 17, 2017

There are pros and cons to the modernized forms of communication, from face-time to dating apps.  Mara and Andrew are still rookie's but our guest Lauren Kubera is a PRO! 

Lauren is a wilder, smellier Mara, with just a few less divorces.  She married her college sweetheart and thought they could start their life together, but he wouldn't switch from doritos to cheetos! This episode is hilarious.  We are all a mess.  

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Jan 10, 2017

Remy's parents can't get it together so every few years they legally separate. The fun part is they still sleep in the same bed. It's great for childhood development. Also Remy had a romantic encounter with one of the hosts. Listen to find out which one.

Jan 3, 2017

Candi, divorcee and current feminist badass joins Mara and Andrew to talk about being a single mom, getting back in the dating world, and moving on when 2 of your previous husbands turn out to be gay....Thank goodness dating apps and sites came around or she would have never found a man off her own block.  Give it a listen and give her a follow, maybe you can be part of her harem?