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The Happy Never After Podcast

Welcome to The Happy Never After Podcast!

Meet Mara & Andrew: New York City comedians with DIVORCE in common. Each week, three- time divorcée Mara Marek, and "#ChildofDivorce" Andrew Collin, feature a guest with who has been affected by divorce. From stories to laughter, to moments that might make you cringe, hear the stories that make dealing with divorce a little easier, and a little bit funnier. Join us to hear these stories and find laughter on the other side.HNA Hosts, Mara Marek & Andrew Collin  (with Frank) at their show, Chicken Salad, an Indie Show featured in the 2017 Brooklyn Comedy Festival  Image by JW Photography

Oct 30, 2017

This week we have a very special guest— actor, comedian, author, AND a friend of the podcast, Dov Davidoff. We talk to Dov about his childhood in ‘Jersey, his marriage to the infamous Jessica, and his new book, “Road Dog”, available October 31, 2017! Dov’s an incredible comedian who’s written and performed two one-hour stand-up specials for television and has appeared on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chappelle’s Show, Showtime, Comedy Central, and many others. Finally, Dov would like to know...”well, did you ever get the f*#%ing chairs?”



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Dov’s Book— Road Dog: Life and Reflections From the Road as Stand-Up Comic (available 10/31/17). Want your own copy of Dov’s book? Click on the title of the book (Road Dog) and you’ll be re-directed to Amazon, or support a local bookstore and scoop it up on Halloween! Dov’s book is also available on Audible and in e-book form as well.

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