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The Happy Never After Podcast

Welcome to The Happy Never After Podcast!

Meet Mara Marek, Comedian, Personal Trainer and three time divorcee, and her cohost Joelle Goforth, as they talk life after divorce, break-ups, the trials and tribulations of dating post divorce and just trying to survive! This is a vulnerable, laugh out loud, tough topic podcast, and everyone is tall enough for this ride! Welcome to the family!

May 3, 2021

Vanessa joins Mara for this episode of Happy Never After to talk about being a transgendered person, transitioning during the most controversial time in New York City...the 70s. Maintaining the look of her biological birth sex to stay on the success track in business, specifically architecture. Revealing her true...

Apr 23, 2021

With Doctor Brian Sheppard of Doc Talks

Apr 16, 2021

Alison Leiby, writer, comedian, but most importantly, best cheese board chef in Brooklyn, IS BACK! We recap from her last visit and chat about how to stay driven and successful as a woman in a patriarchal society! 

Have her views changed since pre-pandemic...check it out! and check her out at

Apr 12, 2021

Last year, Lindsay Hubbard, from the popular BravoTv Reality Show, Summer House, joins Mara to talk relationships and love pre-break up with Stavy! Stay tuned for an update, but get all the deets that were off screen pre season taping! 



Apr 7, 2021

Dr. Thomas Whitfield is BACK, and he AGAIN, doesn't beat around the bush. Mara and Thomas recap his last appearance, and talk about all the changes. Turns out THERAPY WORKS! 

Really fun episode, really fun reminder to call your analyst!