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The Happy Never After Podcast

Aug 22, 2017

Let us take you back to the day when Mara and Andrew saw Marshall’s toes.  Since you’ve seen in the infamous Instagram post of Marshall’s press-on, Patriotic toe nails, here’s what other crazy shenanigans happened that day!

We talked to comedian, MTV star, and host of the podcast, “How To Be a Beefy Woman”...

Aug 15, 2017

We’ve got a GREAT episode of you and we’re not LYME’in. . . 


As a special treat, Mara, Andrew, and Marshall perform creative renditions of various product jingles—CANADA DRY ALERT #DreamSponsorCrushTuesday. Mara revisits how she learned how to give oral sex at work (yes, she was on the clock). We learn that...

Aug 8, 2017

It’s August. It’s August in NEW YURK CITA-AYYYYY. And it’s H-O-T. FIRST, we talk about something hotter than the humidity— we talk about our PREMIUM CONTENT LAUNCH on PATREON. Check us out! Tell your friends, tell their friends, we're super  E-X-C-I-T-I-E-D! 

Mara and Andrew...

Jul 31, 2017

We couldn't fit all of the marriages in one here comes part deux (of 7?)

Mara covers the second-half of her amazing tale of debauchery that lead to 7 engagements and 3 marriages. Buckle up because this is a train wreck!


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Jul 25, 2017

Chris is a single dad, and hilarious comedian living with his Dad out in Staten Island loving crossing that bridge every day. His rollercoaster of a relationship and career is tragically hilarious.  Tune in now!  

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